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Author: Oliver Neumann (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: August 23, 2010 3:31 PM
Version: 2.5
Views: 95,181
Downloads: 785
Demo URL: http://www.easyxms.com
License: GPL (GNU General Public License), Version 3


EasyXMS Version 2.5

is a CMS based on ColdSpring 1.2 with ModelGlue 3. It is written Database independent and uses a modified version of DataMgr for Dataaccess.

Modules and Features:
- Integrates CKEditor and JCE
- Integrates EHCache
- Makes use of: JQuery, Lightbox
- Multiple languages and sites
- News, Calendar, Archive, Guestbook, Adressbook, Formbuilder, Bannersystem, Google Weather, Feedback, Comments, SEO, Galeries, Image-Resize and and and ...
- Inheritant Templatesystem and Objects
- Editable Regions
- Cache Mechanisms (EHCache)
- Contact, Printversion, Recommendation
- Database independent
- configurable Administration Forms
- Roles-based security
- Multiple Pages per Article
- Auto Translation mode with Google JSON API
- Integrates BLOGcfc
- Integrates Galleon
- German and English Interface with dropdown
- Clean Installation Script and deploy.xml (in SVN)

If you need more Information please use contact.

Tested on Railo 3.1 / coldfusion 9 with: mysql 5.1 (Turn on Alias Handling on Railo 3.1) and MSSQL Server.

Current Development I will always add to SVN Source Safe though.

Release and availability of EasyXMS Version 2.5 is scheduled for 08/31/2010.

Recent Blog Entries:


- Railo 3.1, ColdFusion 8, 9
- any Database (Postgres, MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Derby).
- Apache, IIS

Issue Tracker:

2 MySQL Fixed 05/20/10 4:13 PM
3 ColdFusion 8 / ColdFusion 9 / Forms Fixed 05/18/10 9:26 AM
1 ColdFusion 8 / ColdFusion 9 Fixed 05/15/10 10:20 AM

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